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最让我流连忘返的其中一个地方~ Kiddy Palace.
最后是。。。什么都没得买 :(
One of my interest place~ Kiddy Palace.
Wah! A varity of TOYs, don't know how to choose!
End out go back with a EMPTY hand!

This shaking cat so adorable! i like it so much.
Mummy say this is for baby, doesn't suit me.
(She bought similar one for Kaiwen last time.)

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4 评论:

IMMomsDaughter 说...

Joelle is so good, don't insist on buying toys wan :)

AsleyLee 说...

Wow,she knows how to put back the toys huh?! She is so good girl, if for my son, i think he really wants to ransack everything!

Zara's Mama 说...

Wah.. she's really happy to be seeing toys hor?

So excited with the cat toy.. So cute!

Joelle's mmy 说...

Lucky she never ask for buying, if not every toys she like, sure will become bankrup :D

This good habit only apply on "outside", at home she only clean up when in good MOOD!

Zara's mama,
ya lor, with her along i can't shop for my "thing", she will BRING me to child department!